A dutch boutique consultancy with an english touch

Based in Holland, we are a young digital marketing consultancy, that loves to create online conversation and build the reputation of our international clients. We collaborate with independent, professional talent world-wide to achieve outstanding results. To find out where the “English touch” come from, you’ve got to go here.


Great conversations with the right people are fuel for the best relationships. Finding the right way to communicate, both verbally and visually, is essential to the success of any brand. Conversations will be authentic, represent your values and culture, and attract the attention of those who matter most to your business. Similarly conversion will become a natural step in the process, rather than a forced response. But there is more, something that money cannot buy…
CONSULTANCYConvers(at)ion matters for your business
THE METHODMore about The Convers(at)ion Method ®

collaboration = relation

Venita has an ability to remain calm and unflappable even under extreme amounts of pressure, which is how the online world can be. She's dedicated, professional and has a creative mind thus allowing her to come up with fantastic ideas as well as input them, she's a totally reliable, safe and refreshingly positive pair of hands. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.
Marketing and brand management is such a personal thing for a business and so it is vital that you find professional support from someone who not only has the credibility in marketing and PR, but also has the intellect and strategic insight to recognise what is unique about your offering – to get you out into your own marketplace. Venita Dada is one such marketing professional. She has all the attributes needed to make me look fantastic and whereas I would not hesitate to recommend her, I also am rather selfish in wanting to keep her all for myself!

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